Hi, I'm Dan! This blog explores my thoughts on meditation, philosophy, sports, Tableau and anything else I am excited in talking about.

My motivations:
(1) a great blog post from Nat Eliason that resonated with me.
"If you're not in the habit of creating things from your ideas, your ideas are never forced into some kind of coherency. They never become memes: idea-viruses that can reproduce in the brains of other people.

The best writing is the writing you don't care if anyone reads. It's what you create to help yourself understand and clarify what's bouncing around in your head. If someone reads and finds value in it, great, but simply by creating it you've gotten most of the value."

- Nate Eliason - Improving Idea Flow
(2) a more non-technical explanation is from the modern philosopher Cydel Young
"Ask me if I'm on the radio, I'm probably not
But I don't do it for the radio
I do this shit for Basquiat
So I don't care if you think my songs are hot or not
Cause I don't do this shit for y'all
I do this shit for Basquiat."

- Cyhi The Prynce, "Basquiat"
Best of:
Best of: 
Best of

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