my role models

My (living) role models: Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard

They have no life philosophies to declare, no stupid life hacks, and thankfully no social media accounts. They barely talk at all, and that is what I love about them.

They have mastered their craft so well that society has to accept the fact they are introverts. No one can force them to put on an extrovert mask and chase these superficial status goals of Western society. This element of their success is strangely motivating to me.

It is a little odd writing this because it is essentially trying to defend introversion in an extroverted way (blogging).

Tim and Kawhi are my role models because they don't tell me how to live my life; instead, they have showed me how to live through their actions. They are not trying to be liked or be role models. They are their true selves, and that is what I respect.

To go deeper, I am utterly bored with the Western impulse to catalog and put into words every experience. I don't see many genuinely happy people (people not tied to material possessions or mental/societal configurations).

Tim and Kawhi have given me confidence in my choice to not Western status symbols by leading by example.

Susan Cain is a real one for highlighting the holes in the "extrovert ideal" that is inculcated in every introverted child.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
The book presents a history of how Western culture transformed from a culture of character to a culture of personality in which an "extrovert ideal" dominates and introversion is viewed as inferior or even pathological. Adopting scientific definitions of introversion and extroversion as preferences for different levels of stimulation, Quiet outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each temperament, emphasizing the myth of the extrovert ideal that has dominated in the West since the early twentieth century. Asserting that temperament is a core element of human identity, Cain cites research in biology, psychology, neuroscience and evolution to demonstrate that introversion is both common and normal, noting that many of humankind's most creative individuals and distinguished leaders were introverts. Cain urges changes at the workplace, in schools, and in parenting; offers advice to introverts for functioning in an extrovert-dominated culture; and offers advice in communication, work, and relationships between people of differing temperament.

I will end this with my best Jerry Seinfeld impression; sorry, I just finished reading his book. This is half-joking and half ranting, so please don't take offense to this. I love you, even if I sometimes don't enjoy hearing you form words with your mouth.

(1) Although I prefer to hang out with introverts, there is nothing wrong with being an extrovert, I think.

(2) The more someone talks, the less I respect them.

Let me explain.

When people talk, 93% of the time the conversation is a waste of time due to the following:

Either they repeat borrowed thoughts they heard from some podcast, some tweet, or god forbid something from the news.

Or they bring up a random recommendation because they are uncomfortable with silence.

My role models use silence to talk, so talking with the people described above is definitely a test of my patience.

But that is good, right? to expand my patience for those that make me cringe inside?

Jerry, in his 60s, sounds like a lot like me in my late-20s...

In My 60s
I love being in my 60s.
I want to be clear about that.
It's my favorite decade of human life so far.
When you're in your 60s,
and someone asks you to do something,
you just say, "No."
No reason.
No excuse.
No explanation.
I can't wait for my 70s.
I don't even think I'll answer.
I think you just wave when you're in your 70s.
That's what I've seen those people do....
"Hey, you want to check out that flea market...?"
(walks away and just "waves it off" without looking back...)
I like this time.
I don't want to change,
improve myself,
expand my interests,
meet anyone
or learn anything
I don't already know.
I don't lie in restaurants anymore.
"How is everything?"
"I don't like it here."
"Would you like the check?"
"No. I intend to press charges actually.
This is outrageous. You must be shut down.
Don't touch these plates.
This is a crime scene.
I'm going to put some yellow tape around it."